Dog Ends

An aid in the treatment and prevention of tail tip injuries

dog ends™ were developed after a dog handler wanted a better way of treating tail tip injuries in dogs.  These are small wounds on the very tip of the tail, that are not allowed to heal by the constant impact of the tail on surrounding surfaces as the dog wags its tail.  These injuries are very common in working dogs, especially those who spend time in kennels or vans.

dog ends™ assist in the rapid healing of these wounds, can be used preventatively, to stop new wounds occurring, and can also be used to assist first aid of fresh tail tip injuries.

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How do they work?

dog ends™ fit over and overlap the end of the tail and are held in place by a small wrap of medical tape.  The premium grade plastic mesh material takes the impact when the dog wags its tail.  Unlike conventional fabric or solid dressings, the mesh will not absorb wound fluid and the open weave design ensures plenty of ventilation to promote clean healing.  It took a lot of testing to find the ideal combination of stretch and strength to ensure that each dog end will do its job, and that the design is acceptable for all dog sizes.  dog ends™ do not require specialist bandaging experience and, using our patented applicator, are easy to apply by the handler.  dog ends™ can also be used to hold a simple wound dressing in place for first aid on a fresh wound.

In 2010, we came across Charlie, a talented sniffer dog who had a tail tip injury.  The injury was very small, but refused to heal, due to Charlie's enthusiasm for life and work, and his powerful wag.  Bandaging the tail did nothing to help the injury, and the normal method of taping a hard syringe case over the end of his tail simply turned Charlie into a lethal weapon.  We felt sure that we could find a better way of protecting the injured tail, that was simple and easy to apply.  We spent some time testing different designs and materials, before coming up with our mesh design to trial with Charlie.  Charlie's tail was healed within 2 weeks of starting the trial, 3 days before applying for (and winning) a prestigious hospital contract with his handler.

Dog Ends are now used for the treatment of tail tip injuries by vets and owners in the UK and USA with many satisfied customers - and patients!

In the USA? Order Dog Ends directly from Jorvet Inc

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