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Dental surgery is the most common non-elective procedure in veterinary practice. Surgeons want to operate with sharp instruments, but practices struggle to keep elevation and luxation instruments sharp. Operating with blunt instruments is more difficult, time-consuming and ultimately very frustrating!

Dentanomic instruments are revolutionary dental instruments with blades that can be removed – making it easy for surgeons to switch to a different blade, or dispose of a blunt or damaged blade cheaply and efficiently.  Our handles have been extensively trialled in veterinary practice to produce a ergonomic balanced design which is easy to hold in a recommended 'palm grip'.  The palm grip encourages the index finger to rest near the tip of the instrument, providing a safe stop point to prevent slippage and iatrogenic trauma.

Our instruments are entirely made in the UK from top quality hardened steel and aluminium.  The hardening process allows the blades to be made with a very sharp surgical edge, making them easy to operate with without using excessive force.  They come in shapes appropriate for elevation and luxation. 

Elevation technique involves a gentle but persistent rotation and holding movement of a tooth against the surrounding bone.  This stretches the periodontal ligament, so loosening the tooth in its socket.  Our elevation blades are designed with a wide back to provide appropriate amounts of leverage, as well as a curved inner surface to conform to the tooth shape.

Luxation technique involves a sharp cutting action to sever the periodontal ligament.  This loosens the tooth in its socket, allowing extraction without major leverage forces being applied.  Luxation technique is more appropriate for fragile teeth with long slender roots and in general will cause less trauma to surrounding bone than elevation technique.  Our luxation blades have a very thin body and a unique acute angled, double edged blade.  This allows them to enter the periodontal space in order to sever the periodontal ligament.  

Our handles come in a range of colours: blue, pink and green - all the handles fit all of the blades.  The colours can be used to help you differentiate between instrument sets, or just to cheer up your operating day!

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